About Us

Eco Friendly

We provide a comprehensive assortment of Coco products, made from supreme quality coconut.

Our Coconut products offer eco-green solutions with environmental sustainability giving us an edge over other alternatives viz. Vermiculture, Peat moss, Rockwool, etc.

Our growing media are also free from weeds and pathogens.

Competitive Pricing

We manufacture all Coir and Neem products from our own plantation & directly supply to our end customers at competitive prices. We are located in Southern India, where world's highest density of Coconut trees are grown. Our raw materials are directly sourced from our own coconut plantation.


We have put the best Quality control measures and back all our products. We take pride in our 'Quality'.

We replicate customer's Quality practices to minimize any margin of error / difference. Production of our eco–friendly Coco products go through quality measures to manufacture products that are 'Best-in-the-Industry'.

Timely Delivery

We work with our customers to understand their demand, plan our production thereby ensure delivery ahead of schedule and also Just in Time.


We manufacture & have the capacity to supply approx. 1600 x 40′ High Cube containers per annum to meet customer requirements & scalable to any extent within short duration.

About Us