CoirPlus - High Level Overview

We are the largest and leading manufacturer / importer of Coco Peat apart from having our own largest coconut plantations in India. We consume approx. 250,000 coconuts per day across our 4 facilities.

We are also one of the largest manufacturer of several by-products of coconut. We are proud to announce that we manufacture 16 different by-products from coconut in our own facility (All under one roof).

Using coconuts, we manufacture the following by-products:

  • 25 tons of Coco Peat / day (primary business)
  • 12 tons of Coco Fiber / day (secondary business)
  • 16 tons of Copra (Dried Coconut Fruit) / day (secondary business)
  • 10 tons of Coconut oil / day (secondary business)

At this moment, we have exported Coco Peat to 16 different countries [Australia, Dubai, Netherlands, Algeria, France, Germany, Spain, South Korea, Malaysia etc] across the World from India.

From India facility, we export 100's and 100's of containers across the World with a scalability to stuff (1600 x 40' HC) containers /Year.

We have expanded our export market base to USA via our new company: CoirPlus headquartered @ Milwaukee WI USA.

Several of our products are now 'OMRI Listed' USA & CANADA

Following by-products are manufactured from our own facility:

Approx. 2,50,000 coconuts consumed / day

Total # of countries exported: 16

Export Statistics

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