CoirPlus An Executive Summary

100% Natural 100% Natural, Organic & Eco-friendly products
2 decades 2 decades of Industry experience manufacturing High Quality, 100% Natural, Organic Coir and Neem based products for customers across the globe
Largest Importers Leading and largest manufacturer / importers of Coir, Neem based products and Palm Leaf Plates [New addition] with Corporate Headquarters in USA (Milwaukee WI USA)
Quality / Satisfaction Most important criteria for our GROWTH / SUCCESS is tied with HIGHER YIELD / EXPANSION of our Growing media; Has led to continued repeat business Year-on-Year (YoY); 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED
OMRI Listed Highest # of CoirPlus products are now OMRI Listed; Few more CoirPlus products under final review ...
Production Capacity Production capacity to manufacture, import & distribute, up to 1600 x 40’ HC containers / year
No Middle-Man All products directly delivered from the Manufacturer; Absolutely NO Middle-man
Access to CxO execs @ Single Point of Contact (SPOC) with direct access to CxO level executives in CoirPlus than working with Sales representatives from other companies thereby resulting in 'Quick-decision making'
Independent units 3 large independently owned manufacturing units in India diversified to manufacture year-around
Palm Plates New introduction: Eco Friendly, Decomposable Palm Leaf Plates for all your Party needs National Hardware Show 2017, Las Vegas]
Private Label Deliver Private label products leading to significant cost savings moving away from traditional methods
Diversified products Only company in the World to have the highest # of diversified Coir a.k.a Coco products across the globe
Trusted Advisor Strategic Partner / Trusted Advisor to customers by providing cost-effective Turn-key solutions
Give back to community GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY: CoirPlus will donate 0.2% of the total revenue; Share % of their revenue to Charitable Organization(s) based on customer's / CoirPlus's choice
Profit Sharing Help customers grow their business across leading ecommerce websites (Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Walmart, etc.) as a 'Service' in a Profit-sharing mode
CxO level dashboard CxO level dashboard to give complete visibility: All Purchase Orders, Stuffing update from India facility, Containers on Water till delivery @ Customers' warehouse & Payment details every Monday 12 noon local time
Sold @ eBay & Amazon Several CoirPlus products are sold and fulfilled by Amazon & eBay now. Free shipping included ...
Member Oregon Association of Nurseries Portland OR; AmericanHort Columbus OH